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Changjie water truck factory teach you the correct installation of sprinkler pump

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-05-16
Sprinkler pump installation steps:
1, sprinkler spraying pump installed in the car, first of all, the sprinkler sprinkling pump on both sides of the brace to unload, the sprinkler sprinkles water pump axis line and the coupling alignment after, gear box of four foot bolt tightening, and then mounted on both sides of the supporting legs and tighten the bolts. 
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2, the sprinkler sprinkles water import and export pipeline during installation must be fastened on the body, sprinkler pump cannot bear, the weight of the export pipeline and an additional force, sprinkler pump inlet pipeline should install filtering net, mesh should be less than? 6 mm, so as not to much larger stones and long fiber inhalation.   
3, sprinkler sprinkled water pumps and piping system installed, the pressure sprinkling pump working pressure of 1.2 times the pressure test, lasted three minutes, to demonstrate everywhere without leakage (import vacuum gauge should be shut down the road or discharge vacuum table).
4, check the sprinkler pump gear box gear oil to the oil level indicator height range. 
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5, test run, sprinkler pump should be added to fill liquid, to prevent the damage caused by dry friction mechanical seal.
6, sprinkler sprinkler oil, you must add the ground wire, the static into the ground.