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Change engine oil for bulk feed bruck in winter is very important

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-08-04

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If you expect your bulk feed truck an efficient work, engine oil is a part that can not be ignored.For engine oil,we can organize the following suggestions for you.

The viscosity of engine oil is first point you have to care. In different regions and different temperature conditions,the engine oil for bulk feed truck is different. The suitable engine oil can be a protection for vehicle.Besides,the suitable engine oil doesn't depend on its expensive price. Of cuorse,the best engine oil is one which is the most suitable for your bulk feed truck.So we bulk feed trcuk drivers friends don't blindy use the expensive engine oil.Although,in general,the oil film of good quality engine oil could be relatively thin and the protective effect is better.The cleaning effect,sealing,power lifting, acoustics, engine start and other indicators in all aspects will be a little higher.But,for bulk feed trucks,the cooperate with clearance in different models of the engine is completely different.Especially for the longer-time old machine may have the prolbems of burning oil, power down and other issues. So we should follow the vehicle maintenance manual to select engine oil.

Another point we need to note is that drivers should avoid to replace the engine oil in cold case of the bulk feed truck.The best is to do that after cooling for a while when the car has been hot.In the winter, due to the poor fluidity,there might be a lot residues when replacing the engine oil.In that case,the old oil can be put out cleanly,which would contaminate the new oil. After cooling for a while when the car has been hot,the fluidity of the engine oil is still relatively good.This moment is the best time to replace the engine oil for that the old oil can be cleaned out clearly.But what should pay attentin is that be careful of the hot part.