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Changan mobile shops trucks several advantages

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-07-10

With dedicated car market continues to improve under, for a variety of merchandising, marketing needs, attractions, squares and other places where people gather merchandising dedicated small truck sales began to highlight, in the case of such a trend, the most practical Chang came into the flow of truck sales.

Changan mobile shops trucks several advantages
First, the use of mobile shops Changan trucks dispensed products sold by shuttle bus transportation, because the flow of Changan trucks for sale inside the envelope itself can load cargo.

Second, the traditional sales model is the product from the truck after delivery to the point of sale, and then get off the stand construction, placing products in order to sell. While truck sales Changan flow directly ship the product to the point of sale, the car can be expanded on three sides, it started selling directly, eliminating the time and cost of product placement to build a booth.

Third, Changan mobile shops wagons appearance according to product characteristics inkjet advertising, so advertising is traveling on the road, but also eliminates the cost of point of sale advertising impressions. In addition, the flow of truck sales Changan factory standard with amplifier and sound, you can record player product slogan.
Fourth, Changan flow inside truck sales can sell their products in accordance with the necessary equipment to install itself, such as ice cream selling car, the car body can be installed in a refrigerator, ice maker, ice machine, ice cream machine, refrigeration showcase, juice, etc. and other necessary equipment. Changan truck sales factory installed mains external interfaces, under conditions permitting, can be directly connected to the mains the battery can also be installed in the car, according to the installation required voltage inverter, converting the battery voltage to the required voltage direct use, environmentally friendly and quiet. Also can carry small gasoline generators, power generation equipment for use.

Changan mobile shops trucks, cargo box with a hinged door structure three sides, light and flexible, easy loading and unloading of goods exhibition, sale; high strength square tube welded overall framework, simple structure, lower vehicle weight; built-in power meter socket, speakers, powerful, more practical; chassis with a stable long river quality of the company, a large amount of micro-car two types of chassis, engine with good market response JL466Q4, making the whole has good power, economy and handling stability.