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Chang Jie water truck use and precautions

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-05-09

1, Hubei Chang Jie manufacturers water truck  sprinkler pump itself self-priming height ≥4m, so that not only can sprinkler suitable for field work, but also to extract clean water city river hang on at any time, a significant reduction in water resources, sprinkler design when you can work hard in the sprinkler pump self-priming height.
2, Equipped with sprinkler Hubei Chang Jie GB Universal fire interface, which can be directly docked with the fire hydrant water, so it reminds us that in the planning of urban water supply pipe network, but also consider the sprinkler water point, in order to reduce water Depletion.
3, When water truck watering operations, street cleaning to wait until after their start, otherwise, rubbish and other debris on the street will enter the sewers, clogging pipes, is not conducive to environmental protection, but also increase the cost of digging the sewer pipe.
4, when customers buy water truck, spray can according to the actual need for greater nozzle is disposed to expand the width of the rear nozzle sprinkler, sprinkler occasion in a small area can also be done directly with a single nozzle sprinkler jobs, bring more outstanding the pressure dust, cooling effect.
5, can also increase the sprinkler configuration according to actual needs, such as in the winter, you can consider the installation of circulating saline spray function on the basis of the existing sprinkler in the cold northern regions can be installed before the plow and sprinkler Icebreaker hob and other devices to improve the sprinkler usage.
  Water is one of human society's most important resource, water saving everyone should do.