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Chang Jie special car dedicated effort to build China's best automotive paint lines

  • Author:changjie
  • Release on :2016-05-06

Chang Jie Hubei Special Purpose Vehicle Co. official focus on the future, in order to advance the quality of products to keep up with the world level, careful layout, and invested more than ten million yuan, Chinese effort to build a dedicated automotive quality paint line, this line has been officially put into production, thereby product quality has been a qualitative leap, environmental pollution has been fundamentally improved efficiency has been the rapid increase, labor intensity has been effectively reduced.
Sinotruk truck
This pipeline by an automatic shot blasting machine shot blasting, circular tanks, spray paint room, paint drying room, drying putty grinding chamber, the flow in the coating chamber flat paint, paint drying pipeline operations.
By shot blasting machine, the work piece is 360% non-Shot dead, after the surface is coated with good industrial paints and blasting, the surface coating life than other treatment the same high-quality coating to three times, self-hoist transportation equipment, the work of each rack under a 2 or 4-point hanging, greatly improving the work efficiency, the pollution generated by the painting to deal effectively using the grid under the floor rotary water treatment system, the washing water spray, mist purification efficiency up to 99.5%, creating a good working environment, to ensure that the operation of the health of workers.
tank truck trailer
Indoor temperature baking paint using natural gas, not only than the traditional process to shorten the time and improve efficiency, but also the quality of the product surface paint has been a qualitative leap.