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Chang Jie sanitation sewage suction trucks technical advantages and Overview

  • Author:changjie
  • Release on :2016-06-02
Suction sewage truck is green sanitation special vehicle for urban greening doing indelible contribution. Today, small and everyone of suction sewage truck sanitation technical advantage and overview. 
翻译  153型10-15吨出口吸污罐车  10-15 153 tons were exported type sewage suction tanker 
First, the advantages of suction sewage truck  China garbage truck manufacturer
Vacuum suction sewage truck is my factory product design, especially suitable for pumping sewage sludge, clear fishing, loading and unloading, the vehicle Dongfeng series of car chassis modifications, for example, has the following advantages: 
Special vacuum sewage suction tanker 
1, there is a sufficient degree of vacuum sewage suction.
2, the vacuum pump set secondary protection, pollution prevention immersion pump.
3, vacuum pump driven by manual operation, easy clutch.
4, hydraulic pumps and vacuum pump synchronized action, reliable work.
5, take the oil tank and turn round mud disposal.
6, beautiful appearance, easy operation, good performance.
To the fullest extent possible to meet various requirements of users, suction sewage truck structure continues to improve and perfect, so there may be different from the actual structure of presentation note, please be understood without notice.
Second, suction sewage truck Overview 
    Sewage suction tanker
The car performed under high vacuum suction sewage suction operation, with particular attention to its operation. The car is a car chassis, power take off, transmission shaft, vacuum sewage suction pump, pressure tank, hydraulic parts, systems, and vacuum gauge, depending on the dung windows, hand-washing devices and other components, vehicle configuration power vacuum quality hydraulic pumps and sewage systems, tanks sealed first time pressing, the tank can be opened after the double top dump. High vacuum, large tonnage, high efficiency, more versatile features, can be widely applied to urban rainwater collection wells, manholes and pumping all kinds of ditches within the sludge, sewage or sludge petrochemical cesspool of shipment and the exhaust discharge. Dirt tank can be dumped through the back cover, used in large, medium and small towns sanitation, municipal, agricultural, chemical, industrial enterprises, residential property sectors.