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Cement mixer chassis system required timely maintenance

  • Author:CJE
  • Release on :2017-04-08
When away from the depot, cement mixer is broken, that\'s frustrating. No, after you have a mixer, normally should pay more attention to the maintenance of mixers.
JAC 6*4 10-12m3 Concrete mixer truck
When it comes to the maintenance of mixers, chassis care most likely to be ignored by the driver, but in the winter or slippery chassis maintained weather becomes very apparent. In winter maintenance to complete chassis the chassis cleaning and rust. Firstly the chassis must be thoroughly cleaned, if too much dirt on the chassis, also use Degreasing detergent to wash again, chassis showing the original \"simplicity\", so rust preventive care can begin.

In the professional shop, mixers can be up to lift the rack chassis cleaning, wiping, and rust preventive care. In the middle of this note is that must wait on the chassis of the water after cleaning dry, rust preventive care. At the time of care, be sure to maintain a uniform spray application coating, forming a layer of retain lasting uniform anti-rust coating. Completed after 5-10 minutes of air-dried and chassis rust treatment is finished.

After we finished our chassis care professional, also is not foolproof, and there is a misunderstanding, it\'s often to mixer on car washing themselves, which often add some detergent, then please note that do not use alkaline cleaning agents? laundry detergent? wash body and chassis, otherwise it will affect the rust and to shorten the time of rust.