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\\ Car manufacturers introduced differences between tankers and supply vehicles

  • Author:CJE
  • Release on :2017-04-21

Supply vehicles with car though strikingly similar in appearance, but two models from the post type, configuration requirements, then the trading there is a huge difference. For liquid car as enjoy from acquisition additional tax offers policy models, not only can easily settled in general goods transport license plate, also in vehicles configuration Shang more tanker reduced has chassis Qian disc Hou drum, and engine limited speed, and European standard tank mouth, and Harbour valve, mandatory additional configuration, its transport media for: wash well liquid, and lubricants, and mixing station additives, and edible oil class non-flammable easy burst real, first car cost (more tanker low of more), and road operation management (for liquid car Shang General goods, tanker Shang dangerous goods), are had in huge differences, Below we briefly compare the two models of distinction, so that customers have the choice of suitable models to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Supply car and a tanker contrast distinction:

, Vehicle appearance:

A, liquid:

B, oil tankers:

Second, operations:

A, supply vehicles for general cargo, falls or anchored in the General cargo transport company can be.

B, tank wagons for dangerous goods, must be anchored in the transport of dangerous goods qualification company cannot hang up individual households.

Three, the driver qualification requirements

A, feed truck drivers only need common goods qualification.

B, tanker drivers must be for the transport of dangerous goods qualification, the Copilot must be equipped with a supercargo (and held a supercargo with dangerous goods certificate).

Four, configuration requirements:

A and supply cars for ordinary tank cars, no mandatory specific requirements. The model for State subsidies to promote models on households can be exempt from purchase tax, fees on small.

B, oil tankers for the transport of dangerous goods cars, tank according to national provisions must be assembled bottom emergency shutoff valve (bottom valve), European-standard tank, optional oil and gas recovery unit and oil majors under the pipe. Car chassis had front disc rear drum and as engine speed-limiting device. Transport of dangerous goods on the company, settled by the local transportation administration to install GPS systems, household costs on high (around 60,000 Yuan on this car).

Five, the transport medium:

For liquid transport medium for a, washing liquid, mixing additives, lubricants, such as non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable and explosive liquid substance
B, tanker transport medium for liquid flammable gasoline and diesel class class.

Six, on procedure:

A, supply the car required manufacturers to provide certificate, a motor vehicle on an invoice.

B, oil truck in addition to issued by the manufacturers of certification, on a motor vehicle, invoice, you also need the local tank inspection reports issued by quality inspection department and provide sea valve, European-standard tank product certification.

In short, supply vehicles and tankers from very similar in appearance, but from the tank structure, chassis configurations, procedures, operations management, qualification of employees, there is a big difference between all the parties concerned, which has a direct impact to the vehicle\'s cost and operating cost, so choose a suitable model not only worry but also to save money. Simple comparison of the above points just two vehicles, please call directly Mobile Refueler tanker car manufacturers!