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Car crane manufacturers to teach you to buy the car crane

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2017-04-26

A good crane can not be separated from a good crane

Crane is one of the key components of the car crane, directly related to the lifting capacity of the crane, so a good car can not be separated from a good crane.

Telescopic arm or folding arm

Telescopic arm and folding arm crane have their own advantages, mainly to see their own working environment. Telescopic arm has the advantage of cheap, working radius, more suitable for open working environment, carry out some simple vertical lifting and so on. The general personal purchase, choose more telescopic arm.

The advantages of folding arm is the high efficiency, you can install the auxiliary, but the price is more expensive. Folding arm with the crane for small work space in the warehouse factory, and suitable for the installation of various types of auxiliary equipment, special operations. Enterprises, warehouses, terminals and other operations to choose folding arm and more.

Foton era truck mounted crane truck

Crane brand choice

China's production crane crane manufacturers are numerous, common Xugong, stone coal, Furukawa, Feitao, Shao Qi, Yutong Heavy Industries, and so on.

The tonnage of the crane

Crane tonnage, mainly to see what you hang the goods, on demand to choose the size of tonnage crane, too much waste, small and powerless. It should be noted that the general crane crane crane is the best lifting tonnage crane is the largest lifting capacity of 70% -90%, when the choice as much as possible to let the weight have a certain surplus, is conducive to extend the life of the crane The

There is also the choice of tonnage when the crane must be clear, the maximum lifting tonnage in the case of a very short boom in the lifting weight, boom extension, lifting weight into geometric multiple decline. For example, 10-ton truck crane, usually within 3 meters below the telescopic distance within 10 tons of lifting weight, 5 meters lifting weight left 5 tons, 8 meters on the 2.3 tons.

The placement of the crane

Common crane layout mainly in the home and rear type, these two ways have their own advantages and disadvantages. In the middle of the choice of lifting position convenient, rear in the process of lifting the stability of the better, but the biggest drawback is not installed long cargo.

In general, the telescopic arm crane crane tonnage is relatively small, more choice in the home type; folding arm crane, lifting tonnage larger, high stability requirements, and more choice of rear-style.

Reliable chassis to ensure attendance

Second, the brand chassis is the key

The reliability of the chassis is related to the attendance of the crane, more concerned about the income of our pockets, so choose a reliable chassis is also the key to choose the crane. According to reports, the current domestic crane chassis brand generally use Dongfeng, liberation, Fukuda and so on. Users in the choice of time, the best choice for the local holding a large brand, aftermarket and maintenance more convenient.

Chassis to match the tonnage of the crane

The chassis also with the tonnage of the crane to match, small car loaded large crane, poor stability, easy to roll, but also can not play the crane should have the lifting capacity.
In general, like Dongfeng Duolika this level of light truck with 3.2 tons and 4 tons of cranes, crane and then large, poor stability; 6x2 models, generally with 6-12 tons of cranes; 6x4 models with 8 -12 tons of crane.

Can I use my own truck chassis modified car crane?

Can be modified, but manufacturers do not recommend users to use their own old chassis modified. There are two reasons: First, you have to download the chassis crane crane announcement, no words, not on households. Second, the chassis is a chassis mounted by the professional chassis mounted crane crane, the general chassis beam can not bear the huge pressure to bring the car crane.

Third, the advantages and disadvantages of the container is guaranteed: Truck crane box are generally the plate type

Crane trucks are generally box-type, flat also have, but relatively rare. We should be most concerned about the length of the container, the length of the container are generally based on the announcement of the crane to the crane. Generally speaking, 4x2 models to do more than 5.8 meters, 6.1 meters of the car, 6x2, 6x4 models are generally do 7.5-8.6 meters of the trunk, the longest 8.6 meters container.