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CJE advantage of special automobile, truck-mounted crane truck

  • Author:CJE
  • Release on :2017-03-08
Chang Jie bentahe ng dedikado trak mount crane1, advanced technology:
CJE dedicated steam arm hanging from Italy, Germany and other European imports of hydraulic components, hydraulic system components are made of imported seal, have strong mechanical simulation and parametric and variational finite element analysis and based on the characteristics of three dimensional solid mechanical design software for product development and design, technology in the national leader.
2, good quality:
CJE dedicated steam arm lifting production to make it better, domestic and global network of procurement of raw materials, in order to guarantee quality, the main hydraulic system parts and components from abroad. Have the first of the most complete, most complete CJE crane inspection and test equipment to ensure product consistency of design parameter with the actual use of functional.
3, species diversity:
Chengli special automobile arm lift can produce 2-200T, with occasional crane, lift, hydraulic towing conjoined, tow separate multiple functions such as cranes, hydraulic winch with folding jib can also install one dual-use, large-tonnage folding crane 200 meters wireless control, you greatly reduce manpower, improve the safety of lifting.
4, the national patent:
CJE special purpose vehicle folding crane has now has 28 national patents, reach the world advanced level.
5, professional and strong:
CJE steam crane Professional folding, modular production, Assembly of precision manufacturing, high interchangeability, the professional workshop after receiving the orders quickly component production and Assembly.
6, customization:
CJE auto folding crane based on user in special work environments for special purposes and different needs of professional design so special, for you to tailor-make a right arm hanging, truly personalized.
7, service:
CJE auto folding crane with "home away from home" as the basis, across the country and around the world have established a perfect pre-sale, sale, the after-sales service network, enabling users bought the heart, must be assured.
8, prompt delivery:
CJE car company folded crane years production cranes up to 300 units, unique fast delivery at home, so that customers don't have to worry about long delivery period for vehicles.
9, good branding:
CJE has developed over more than 10 years in the industry, becoming a good brand and reputation, often Jet steam is the product of your choice, the group will always be your solid backing.
10, aftermarket commitments:
CJE special purpose vehicles vehicle chassis folding jib commitment nationwide warranty warranty one year, crane by CJE car warranty to two years.