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Buy a new concrete mixer Caution

  • Author:Cement tank truck manufacturer
  • Release on :2016-05-03

1.Before the use of new car,it must conduct a comprehensive inspection and test,if all is normal ,then it can be used formally .
2.Transmission capacity .quality and Slump of the concrete,should comply with the provisions of the state.
3.When Mixer truck was parked in the open air and the mixer tube inversion should be taken before loading, the tube in the water (or water) and sundry discharge, transport to
ensure the quality of the concrete
4.In the hopper, discharge chute beside work, to display their protection. Supplies. Don't close to the hopper and stirring, and don't look inward looking, more may not use hand
to touch rotating stirring cone.
5. When driving on the highway, longer chute must flip placed on discharging chute hanging from a hook in mind, then transferred to and body vertical position, the discharge
chute with locking device and extended chute lock on the rack, prevent shaking due to not fixed, impact injuries and other vehicles running.
6. Vehicles crossing the bridge, hole, the facilities such as libraries, must pay attention to by the size of the height and weight in order to avoid damage of pavement under
7.Work device with a continuous run time should not exceed
8.Delivery, such as found that the moisture evaporation, low slump can not meet the requirement of the user, can be appropriately cylinder is to add water, and then rotating at
a speed of 12-14 r/min 30 turns after unloading.
9. mixers in no-load operation and transport in the process of concrete mixing drum shall not stop running in order to avoid local touch damage raceway and roller or concrete
segregation phenomenon.
China concrete mixer truck manufacturer
10.The amount of water in water tank always full, in case of urgent need
11.Water tank with water before, must open valve to the air in the cabinet to put off, inflatable water supply must be closed in time after air storage tank.
Note: the water tank when the water pressure only, not with pressurized water tank on the road.
Risk: (1) before the tank pressure relief shall not open the inlet valve;
      (2) water tank without unloading before driving.
12.Winter park, water tank and water supply system, can not have the remaining water
13.Discharging chute, whether you need longer chute are used together, determined by the requirements of specific work position.
14.Carrying forward concrete, such as to reverse, must control handle make is ZhuanTing after stability, control handle reverse again. It is forbidden to forward process control
handle its reversal.
15.According to different road up hill, the driver should be reasonable charging according to the walking by the road slope situation, avoid and on the way of material to
pollute the environment. Stir volume is 120 slump when approved, the concrete slump than the numerical uphill, load capacity should be appropriate to reduce
16.Mixing tube high center of gravity and micro the right look after (car), the deviation when mixing canister full rotation increases, so be very careful at the vehicle in a
turn. Especially when the car to the left, to pay more attention to, don't make the mixing drum speed more than 3 r/min. Mixers turning diameter and highest stable speed. The
road not usual speed should also be reduced.
17.It is forbidden to stir car loaded with a sharp turn at a high speed.
18.Not operation, operation is prohibited.
19.After work, must be inside and outside of the vehicle and into the hopper, mixing barrel, discharge chute and clean. The car door, turn the locking lever, hold the throttle
controller and the servo controller.
The article provided by the Changjie cement tank car manufacturers finishing mention