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Bulk feed truck maintenance

  • Author:CJE
  • Release on :2017-03-22

Bulk feed transport car although work of range compared of single, just for usually transport feed, gas unloading bulk feed car, but for car weekday of maintenance also is not lightly, must to do carefully using, to greatly improve has himself of work range, using Shi handy, except weekday in of maintenance outside regularly maintenance is very important of; following some maintenance method only for reference to wants to let you of bulk feed transport car keep normal operation, on should by provides for regularly maintenance, and maintenance. So-called regular maintenance is when bulk feed transport vehicles after a certain length, corresponding maintenance jobs must be enforced.

Vehicles ' maintenance mainly cleaning, supplies and security review, namely: three checks, Siqing, four missing. Feed pneumatic delivery tanker cars, including: stick before driving, traffic and vehicles after the shift in security agencies and view the parts connected fastening. Keep the air filter, oil filter, fuel filter and battery clean and prevent leakage, oil leakage, leakage and leakage. Maintain vehicle appearance clean. By doing routine maintenance, you should make your bulk feed truck to achieve: vehicle appearance clean and tidy; bolt, nut not out off; oil, gas, water, electricity and other seepage and leakage; tire pressure normal brake system, steering system, flexible and reliable, the manipulation of light, lubrication good engine, chassis abnormal sound and smell. Daily maintenance of preventive maintenance operations, you must complete the daily work, feed pneumatic delivery tanker cars, are the basis for maintenance at all levels. Slight effect that will not only cause unnecessary damage to bulk feed truck, and jeopardize safety. Lubricants may lead to engine cylinder, burnt; connector come loose easily, such as motor vehicle accidents. Maintained in good technical condition of vehicles, machinery and traffic accidents can be avoided, and extend the life of the car. Routine maintenance, you are out in front, driving, a day after the shift.

Regular replacement of engine oil and hydraulic oil feed tank, Auger bearing grease!