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Bulk feed truck buying experience

  • Author:CJE
  • Release on :2017-03-22

Many friends ready to buy bulk feed truck has such doubts, how to buy a cost-effective and reliable quality bulk feed truck. Customers ask if modified cars, can license, in fact, Hubei Cheng Li produces bulk feed truck, in strict accordance with national announcements made, does not need to worry about license issues.

, Bulk feed truck model options

Now the main models of bulk feed truck to East Jin, Dongfeng Tianlong majority, there are also other brands such as liberation, Fukuda, according to personal preferences and your local after-sales service. Tank capacity: 6 tons, 8 ton, 10 ton, 15 ton, 20 ton, if you need larger or smaller volume of bulk feed, you can consult our customer service.

Second, bulk feed options truck manufacturers

Currently domestic production bulk feed transport car of manufacturers, has Zhengzhou, Shandong, Henan, to manufacturers, due to this car of information and the price most are is from network Shang get of, each manufacturers are said himself of car good, user not know what should select which home, also is recommends user friends are, believing, directly to this several manufacturers to study, see manufacturers manufacturing process and manufacturers scale and the study now car, from price, and quality, and after-sales service, many for compared, elected you most satisfaction of manufacturers to purchase. Customers and friends car note to see whether the company had produced bulk feed carrier qualifications, not qualified manufacturers produce vehicles cannot be registered, so consult clearly in advance.

Three, feed transport tank discharge-driven approach

Bulk feed trucks are available in both hydraulic and electric drive mode, the user can be configured according to their actual conditions. Difference between electric and hydraulic feed structure in bulk

Four, bulk feed transport vehicles and manufacturers signed contracts

Due to the bulk feed truck to be non-standard vehicles, so the customer sign a specific contract must be configured with the manufacturers clearly to prevent models produced does not meet with your requirements, causing unnecessary trouble.

Five, car notes

Provided by car manufacturers to test whole vehicle quality certificate and the invoice, and the acceptance of performance and configuration have to be carefully checked.

Chengli special automobile company limited as a company specializing in the production of bulk feed truck manufacturers, has been working to build a first-class bulk feed truck, meet the demand for feed livestock industry.