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Bulk feed truck:be alert to abnormal engine heating in summer

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-09-06

High summer temperatures, solar radiation intensity, bulk feed truck abnormal engine heating vehicles can not be ignored, which ranging from horse motive power drop may cause weak, while in burned parts or, worse, can cause the car ignition, causing great economic to the owners loss. Here to share with you how to feed the car engine overhaul abnormal heating. Remind car drivers, identify problems and timely maintenance.

First look at the ground temperature indicator. They found the car temperature light kept flashing, it should stop immediately, for cooling water tanks, water pipes and various joints and other parts of each inspection. If you look through the inspection found no abnormalities, can be required to make up the cooling water and then continue driving. If after traveling some distance, still found that the temperature is too high, stop and check the cooling water also found to reduce many, this is mostly due to the water jacket of the cylinder block trachoma perforation or loss. After the discovery of this fault should be
repaired and must not be taken lightly.

Second sentence touching a water pipe failure, emergency removable thermostat. As it is above investigation found no fault, but also a hand to touch the water with the underwater pipe temperature to determine the fault lies. If the temperature difference between two very large pipes, you can judged as the thermostat does not work. Replace immediately if the way the moment not buy accessories, removable thermostat emergency, but can not be too long to find repair points.

This phenomenon is due to the aforementioned cooling air in the system caused by air resistance, so that cooling water is bad, and caused the engine temperature is too high. Allows high-speed operation of the engine, the radiator cap to just gently unscrew the gas evolution, then there will be some cooling water flows together with the gas, so repeatedly, until you feel the complete discharge date (in this case touch on , under the water temperature will be significantly different) to exclude the fault troubleshooting to replenish the cooling water.

Flush the radiator grille also help dissipate heat. Because the radiator of the vehicle exposed to the outside of the chassis, the vehicle environment is more long-term in a harsh operating environment, over time will attach a layer of dirt was on the radiator, cooling performance directly affects the bulk feed truck, causing the water temperature is too high. This case can be used with compressed air to blow the radiator grille, and then hosed down approach to troubleshooting.