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Bulk feed new car started to pay attention

  • Author:changjie
  • Release on :2016-06-06

Go together to ensure the maintenance of the reliability and durability of the feed truck great relationship. Automobile go together for 1000km, but the new car you want to travel after 2500km, you can switch to normal use, that is required to pull a trailer and engine for a long time large load, high speed use. Only in this way, then it may reach the maximum engine power, otherwise due to lack of motivation, premature Intensive use will cause excessive wear of the engine parts early, or even damaged. 

Note the new bulk feed truck initial period: strict implementation of the new car less than 1000km of mileage to go together. New cars go together in order to complete its initial run-in parts departments to work well; and exposing the lack of manufacturing, assembly and adjustment of the load in the initial conditions of little use in a timely manner to eliminate. The new bulk feed truck before and after walking together and go together, in addition to the use of the technical documentation shall be provided for operating the project execution, should pay special attention to the speed limit and the load. Strict implementation of the running-maintenance. According to the provisions of mileage and maintenance projects, major assembly lubricant when and if to be replaced in order to remove the burr, iron, and pay attention to re-adjust with the gap in order to reach a new member assembly can not be achieved with the requirement to make good technical condition . 

New bulk feed truck car go together period of 1000km, 2500km general form but later transferred to the normal operation (ie, long high-speed towing trailer and engine speed), otherwise they will be less motivated to use a large load prematurely, causing engine parts early excess wear. New cars go together correctly, help extend the life and improve the reliability and economy.should be noted that the initial