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Bulk feed delivery truck driving Precautions in the rain

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-06-06

Bulk feed truck manufacturer 

Bulk feed truck manufacturer

Many people think that driving on the highway does not require any skill, because the road is relatively straight, it prevails also becomes more important. Vehicle speed on the highway are the lowest for every 10km / h in 60km / h, the speed of your safety factor will be decreased by one.

Bulk feed truck prices

Rainy Day bulk feed truck is prone to car accidents, car in the rain because the bulk feed will increase the difficulty of driving on an expressway, the rain will affect the hearing, the rain will affect vision, and rain water easy road, this will cause rollovers, rear-end, hit the guardrail and collided with the side of the four types of accident.

First, if it is a thunderstorm, do not use the phone frequently, to prevent being struck by lightning.

Second, to maintain the vehicle in front of the appropriate safety distance, the rain holding not less than 100 meters, the rain is not less than 200 meters.

Third, the speed of the vehicle in front carefully examine, in particular, wipers, lights, tire pressure, vehicle braking. And to ensure good line of sight, dry side mirror, so that traveling can be clearly observed in the rear of the vehicle movement. Require special attention if the air conditioning system to work properly, it is directly related to traffic safety, because the car is usually a rainy day in a closed state, the relationship between the temperature difference between the inside and outside, prone to fog on glass, seriously affect the driver's line of sight, you must use the air conditioning system to the mist was removed. Also bring rain gear, reflective triangle licensing, automotive repair tools.

Fourth, open the car while driving, be sure to slow speed, low light visibility, do not use the brakes, because the rainy road adhesion coefficient greatly decreased, it is prone to slip, causing a traffic accident.

Fifth, if the vehicle fails or a traffic accident, to immediately open the double flashing lights, reflective triangle licensing in place to drive direction, 150 meters away, outside the car to quickly move to the outside of the fence, then the police waiting for rescue. Also the presence of water in the case of depression on the road, the speed must be slowed down, preferably not more than 70 km / h, while the lights turn on. Have encountered water place, do not force the brakes to avoid skidding accidents.

Six, if she had been under heavy rain or rainstorm, to open the double flashing lights in a timely manner, and the nearest exit from leaving or entering the nearest service area.

Seven, on the highway, must pay attention to listen to broadcast traffic information, check the road signs tips, some sections because of poor road conditions, road closures may be temporary, some sections of the construction, we need to be diverted to the timely discovery of these signs in a timely manner to make accurate judgments.