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Brief Introduction to the Structure of Dump Truck

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-12-22

The loading of the dump truck is mainly composed of subframe, carriage, hydraulic dumping mechanism and its accessories.
1, Vice frame

It is welded by the framework of the framework, by the two longitudinal beams, a number of beams and some connection components. The main role of the sub-frame is connected with the chassis and fixed compartment, and connected with the lower part of the lifting mechanism, is the basic connection of the modified dump truck. Vice frame with trapezoidal structure, using 16Mnl material welded together. The rear end uses the wide tail to support the crossbeam, improves the lateral torsional rigidity of the subframe, reduces the deformation of the main frame, improves the lateral stability of the vehicle and the stability of the lifting when the vehicle is lifted. And lifting process more stable.
2, cars

Carriage includes front plate, rear plate, side plate, chassis;

The rear plate is a hanging structure, when the car is lifted, the rear plate can be automatically opened under the action of the locking mechanism; the bottom plate and the side plate welded to the top plate, rear plate, side plate, bottom frame, And the lower part is connected with the lifting mechanism.
Note: If with manual auxiliary door, you must first open the manual auxiliary door to lift.
3, the hydraulic system
3.1. Hydraulic system components: hydraulic cylinders, pumps, distribution valves, operating valves, fuel tanks and other components. Hydraulic system is the core of the dump truck, the company is equipped with hydraulic components are well-known domestic and foreign brands.
3.2. Cylinder in the working principle
The lifting mechanism includes a transmission shaft, an oil pump, a lifting valve, a hydraulic cylinder, a control device, a limit device, a fuel tank and a pipeline and a dumping mechanism. The accessory includes a stabilizing mechanism, an anti-rocking mechanism, a back door opening / closing mechanism, Protective devices. Engine power from the transmission, power take-off output, driven by the drive shaft pump, pump out the hydraulic oil through the distribution valve into the hydraulic cylinder, driven by the hydraulic cylinder, lifting the car to complete the dumping of goods.