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Brief Introduction of Water Cycle type Sewage suction truck

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2017-02-09

Water cycle pump suction sewage truck is a new environmental pollution research and
development of sewage into the sewage equipment, sewage pollution in the traditional function of the car on the basis of an improvement in order to more suitable for residential, schools, units, residential and other densely populated Sewage, septic tank suction, water ring suction sewage truck appearance and not much change, the performance has been greatly improved, more complete, and now suction sewage truck manufacturers for everyone to summarize the analysis of the water ring vacuum suction Sewage truck three-point advantage.

1. Simple structure, streamline a variety of pump accessories
Rotary vane vacuum pump through the blade eccentric rotation, the extraction of the tank air, so the pump can not enter any impurities, also need oil and gas separation, water separation, anti-spill valve and other auxiliary parts protection, the structure is more complex. The water ring vacuum pump and motor sets supporting self-contained, only the tank to provide working fluid can be operating, the structure is relatively simple.

2. Suction deep, far, vertical suction range of 6-10 meters, the level of suction 20-30 meters(Vertical suction range of 6-10 m, the level of suction 20-30 m), the main selling point is in the suction area far ahead of the rotary vane vacuum suction sewage truck (vertical suction process 6- 10 meters, the level of suction 20-30 meters), deep-water sewage tanks or vehicles can not be close to the special operating environment, only the water ring vacuum suction sewage truck to complete the work, so the water cycle vacuum suction sewage truck became a large sanitation sector / The company's essential.

3. Multi-function, with high pressure cleaning function
Water cycle vacuum pump is driven by a single generator, we can also use the transmission to install the power take-off drive high-pressure pump to install high-pressure cleaning function, multi-purpose vehicle development trend can save a lot of car costs. Water cycle vacuum pump suction sewage truck car costs must be higher than rotary vane vacuum suction sewage truck, suction sewage truck.