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Best-selling Changjie Water truck, you got Right?

  • Author:water truck manufacturer
  • Release on :2016-04-06
Water truck, you may think it should be in road for cooling temperature in mind. Hereby we will tell you, it’s not only for this usage, but also can get other important usages. Our Changjie Water truck can be used in many areas and in different seasons. Let’s say like this, in Spring or Autumn when the air is very dry, or in Park or famous scenic site.In such conditions, our water truck can make the air more humidity against dry and protect our park or famous scenic site far away from fire. Other important function is can be used in construction site or coalmine industry to reduce dust. According to above information, hereby we would like to introduce our Changjie water truck types as follows: 1)Tank capacity:5-8 tons 2)Price is different with different stand configures 3)Stand configures: front flushing back sprinkling,2 sides jetting,high level of 2 sides with sprinkler, backside with work platform,sprinkler gun,adjust columnar,range≥28m,adjust vaporific,range≥15m 4)Available parts: farm chemical tray,farm chemical spraying machine,farm chemical pump,inner tank anticorrode and antirust,all position in and out water connection,magnetic valve and air operated valve etc to meet all your demands. Sincerely hope the above information can help you! To know more about our water truck manufacturer , please feel free to contact us!