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Before the garbage truck is out of order signs 6

  • Author:CJE
  • Release on :2017-03-23

Now more and more of the garbage truck, but understand the garbage truck by only a few, many fear a vehicle suddenly garbage trucks on a daily basis is wrong, but couldn't solve. So how do garbage truck in front of a suddenly problem symptoms? Sanitation truck manufacturers today summed up the garbage truck failed 6 before abnormal signs.

1. abnormal sound of garbage trucks

Junk car in abnormal noise in the process, is the fault of the garbage truck's "alarm", the driver should immediately stop checking, must not let garbage trucks "in spite of job", continue to run long distances. Especially abnormal noise coming from the chassis, engines, suspension systems are most important.

2, the exhaust of abnormal color

When the engine is functioning, the smoke exhaust should be is not clear. If exhaust appears a different color, it may be the engine abnormal, such as incomplete combustion exhaust is black, oil water exhaust is white and burning oil exhaust is blue.

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3, oil spill

Leakage is defined as the garbage truck engine oil, engine oil, brake fluid and other fluids leakage phenomenon. This is an obvious failure symptoms, careful observation can be found. Removed obvious parking after a period of time, there is a grease spot on the ground.

4, overheating

Usually appears in the engine, transmission, differential and brake assembly. For example, engine overheating, a cooling system problem was lack of coolant or the pump is not working; transmission overheating, caused by the lack of oil; brake overheating, mostly caused by brake does not return. Above are sometimes directly through the dashboard warning light is reflected, while driving the driver needs to take a look.

5, fuel consumption increased sense

Excessive consumption of fuel and lubricants, indicating engine failed, required maintenance as soon as possible.

6, abnormal smell

Garbage trucks in operation, such as brake dragging, clutch slipping fault, emits burning smell of friction plate; the engine overheating, lubricating oil flees the cylinder during combustion, emitting a special kind of smell; circuit, take the iron wire burned or charred smell.