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Be careful of these behaviors which might damage fuel tank truck

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-09-29

As we all know, fuel tank truck is the most dangerous vehicles in all vehicles, so we all in particular, be careful when driving, be sure to follow the safe operation of fuel tank truck to operate, but sometimes the owners In fact, each vehicle in the operational details or different, in particular, the high risk of such a tanker transport vehicles, then open the tanker in the need to pay attention to what it is necessary to pay attention to what the car, Aspects of the elements? The following text explains:

1, can not directly hold the brake file to start driving
In the case of fuel tank truck brake file is not open, do not directly on the road, because in the brakes, the vehicle will directly lead to extreme damage to the brake system will directly destroy the brake system, but we often overlook this point , And finally smell the burning smell of the car was aware of this problem, so we must pay attention in this

2, when the road bumps must slow down
Most of the owners believe that fuel tank truck have damping function, so in some ditch road is not easy to take the road, usually not slow down, but directly increase the accelerator speed up, but do not know that this will directly destroy Car suspension system, a direct result of its rupture leaving the vehicle can not be normal driving.

3, do not wait until the fuel tank empty again
Most of the vehicle drivers have a bad habit is to wait until the oil lamp light oil tank, but we do not know, this daily bad habits will directly damage the fuel tank in the fuel tank, the fuel tank is the most important Of a system, its main function is in the fuel can reduce the temperature of the tank, if the oil lamp is lit above the oil has been above the oil, so the pump is not cooling will shorten the fuel tank of the degree of use. 

4, oil too much
Often too much oil, the engine will link the big end of the engine will have a strong stir in the work, resulting in damage to the engine's internal functions, and oil too much will make the cylinder wall burning oil row difficulties. So the fuel quantity must be controlled when the oil to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

The above four points is what fuel tank truck in the daily driving a few can not be ignored in several matters, and if there are misunderstand the problem about fuel tank truck, you can pay attention to our official website.