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Basic configuration and function of high pressure cleaning sewage suction truck

  • Author:CJE
  • Release on :2017-03-09

High pressure cleaning vacuum truck is a high pressure cleaning and suction the dual function of multi-function models, is the most advanced, feature-complete sanitation trucks. Functional advantages such as full, wide usage, reduce acquisition costs for users in order to gain more economic benefits, making high pressure cleaning vacuum truck and welcomed by the majority of users.
Dongfeng Dolly truck power washing material using the vacuum truck tank 5mm thick steel plate in WISCO, a die-cast head with 6mm steel plate, tank appearance to cylinder head is dome-shaped, convex part near the head of 30mm, a steel support, thus avoiding pressure cleaning vacuum truck at work to avoid being a strong suction vacuum flat tank. Sewage suction part of the suction pump can use imported Italian Veyron pumps, liquid ring vacuum pump can be used has sufficient suction vacuum, users can choose according to your needs and environment.

Chang Jie Dongfeng 153 high pressure cleaning truck
   Dongfeng Dolly truck cleaning vacuum truck sandwich power takeoff full power output, avoiding the other similar products use an ordinary power takeoff noise, cabin temperature is high, the short service life, power consumption, such as

   Dongfeng Dolly truck cleaning vacuum truck using three way high-pressure distribution valve core (key parts), stainless steel, sealing pressure is three times more than ordinary cast steel ball valve. With a 60 m (@19) high pressure tube, ten high pressure nozzle. High pressure tube is made of double envelope process, the compressive strength of more than 1 time times the input pressure, enhance the security of operations.