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Autumn attention to maintenance of checks on tankers

  • Author:CJE
  • Release on :2017-03-15

Air conditioning in the summer often overstretched. it is necessary to do an inspection and maintenance. summer rain tank trucks often wading away pavement, air conditioning condenser must not prevent contaminated sediment in the lower part ... a long time, sand and dust a lot of silt, severely affect the life of air conditioning.

Car in the Sun for a long time, the summer sun. body and paint damage; summer wetter rain acid tank car paint may also cause a certain level of corrosion and oxidation. experts suggested that turn of the summer-autumn, for oil tankers do from cleaning and polishing to waxing, sealing, coating of the glaze a series of vehicle maintenance.

China fuel tank truck

When many drivers of the body skin care, in addition to. often overlook the seals on the doors and Windows Home. in fact, seals and other rubber materials after a cool summer of Sun and rain shower after brushing, there will be different levels of aging.

Care of body and paint at the same time, accordingly. should also pay attention to maintenance and replacement of seals and other rubber parts.

Lack of time to add, detection is mainly concerned with the engine compartment of the car engine oil, brake fluid and antifreeze used. expire must be promptly replaced. at the same time, also need to check the tank water, rain water, water use, in case of changes.

Attention should also check the plug sealing effect and degree of tightness, addition. to assure a smooth plug use. at the same time, to guarantee the safety of tankers, exposed to water of the plug should be unplugged and Rust removal, anti-rust treatment.

Highway traffic deaths and accidents, according to statistics. 70% tire problems. therefore, tire maintenance must not be ignored.

Car tire pressure not to play too much. fall due to lower temperatures, because of the high temperatures in the summer. tire will add pressure to the specified range.

Car tires should be checked for any visible injuries, scratches, etc. in autumn and winter, while. rubber hard and brittle, not only will reduce the coefficient of friction are also prone to leaking, bar tires.

Autumn is prone to problems, car battery the battery. need timely care.

More is due to battery appeared fault, autumn to station for maintenance of car. and most common of problem is tanker playing not fire. experts said, battery of life in 3-4 years, beyond this years on need replaced. and errors of driving habits is led to battery difficult playing fire of reasons, many owners in left tanker Qian forget shut lamp, a night of consumption will makes battery didn't electric, to makes electrode wiring at appeared fault. driver should in right driving of while, regularly check battery shell whether bulge damaged, and Electric drying clean, electrodes connection whether the inadequate provision of water, and so on.

Car carpet, floor mats and other hidden breed bacteria. with the fall, after a rainy, hot summer day. of cooler weather, Windows no longer is always open and driving the indoor air becomes cloudy, odors and bacteria pose a hazard to human health. therefore, it is necessary to do a thorough car interior disinfection and cleaning.

Summer body perspire easily, in addition to. sweat contact leather seats are also very easy to breed bacteria. autumn dry weather, leather easy to crack. therefore, maintenance experts suggested that autumn should be clean and glaze treatment for leather seats, to ensure the safety of oil tankers for the winter