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Asphalt distributor spraying uneven, how to solve?

  • Author:Asphalt sprayer truck
  • Release on :2016-05-05
Currently spraying effect asphalt distributor and disappointments, there is the phenomenon of uneven lateral spraying, it is a typical transverse horizontal stripe unevenness. However, to take certain measures, can effectively improve the transverse uniformity of asphalt cloth.
(1) improved nozzle structure
This has the following purposes: First, in order to adapt the structure of the spray pipe, asphalt flow distribution for each nozzle close to the same; the second is to make the shape and size of a single projection surface spray nozzles meet the design requirements, to achieve the best, and region asphalt flow distribution to meet the design requirements; Third, in order to meet the construction requirements of different species and different asphalt spread quantities.
(2)Increase Spraying speed properly
As can be seen from the above discussion, intelligent asphalt distributor as long as the vehicle speed within a reasonable range, no effect on the asphalt distributor longitudinal uniformity. Because when the faster speed, the unit of time the amount of spilled bitumen becomes large, and the amount of asphalt distributor unit area remains unchanged, but the speed of change has a great influence on the lateral uniformity. When a faster speed, single nozzle flow per unit time increases, spray projection surface increases, the increase in the number of overlapping; at the same time, the jet speed, pitch collision energy increases, "a splash impact ~ homogenization" enhanced role of lateral spraying more uniform, it should try to use a faster speed, the transverse uniformity has remained on top.
(3) improve the asphalt properties.
From the above analysis it shows that bitumen viscosity, the asphalt flow resistance, spray forming small, reduce the number of overlapping. To overcome these shortcomings, the general practice is to increase the nozzle diameter, but this is bound to reduce the jet velocity, weakening of the "impact spatter - a homogenized" effect, the transverse spraying uneven. Therefore, in order to improve the performance of asphalt construction process should improve the asphalt properties.
(4) so that an adjustable spray pipe above the ground, it is best to achieve closed-loop control
However, in actual construction, since the spray fan angle is difficult to predict and monitor, and with the speed, pitch type, temperature, viscosity, spread quantities and other changes, it is the best ground clearance depending on their experience to determine, and thus as a basis for the adjustment.
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