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Analysis on the Causes of Oil Blockage in the Truck Crane Truck

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2017-04-29

In the daily use of the truck, especially in the winter, there will be difficulties in the start or the process of no reason to turn off the situation, which is the owners are reluctant to see the situation, in fact, the main reason for the occurrence of these conditions Is the truck crane truck due to blockage. In the event of an oil trail failure, the fuel system components and pipelines are inspected first, and then the low pressure and high pressure oil path of the truck crane are checked separately.

We know that the truck crane truck oil supply system can be divided into low-pressure oil and high-pressure oil in two parts, in general, high-pressure oil between the cylinder independent of each other, the fault is often an individual tank, and low-pressure oil Is a total oil, in the event of failure often make the machine can not work.

There must be due to the truck crane truck blockage of the reasons for the analysis

Next, let's take a look at the common cause of the blockage of the truck crane truck:

1, with the truck crane truck tubing or pipe joints of the filter long-term use without cleaning, will block the oil.

2, if the winter can not be promptly excluded from the truck crane oil and water separator in the sewage, the temperature below 0 ℃ will make the water in the oil and water separator in the ice, so that the oil block.

3, lorry crane truck high temperature heating near the diesel pipeline, so that diesel vaporization, as the same as the pipeline into the same symptoms, so that fuel supply disruption.

4, lorry crane truck filter filter dirty, no timely replacement or long-term cleaning, will be blocked in the fuel impurities, so that oil can not block the oil.

5, lorry crane truck fuel tank cover are equipped with a valve, when the plug, due to oil pump out of the oil, can make a vacuum tank, fuel can not suck out.

Know the reasons for the blockage of the oil, the one by one for conservation and inspection, can effectively reduce the truck crane truck in the course of the failure occurred, greatly reducing the burden on the driver.