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Analysis on the Advantages of Dongfeng Tianjin Light Duty Dump Truck

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2017-01-06

Dongfeng commercial vehicles since the listing of light-weight merchandise has been widely recognized by our customers, the cumulative sales of more than 30,000, product quality and stability, access to better income and reputation. Especially in the past three years, the market customer feedback on the use of the product for the D530 cab series lightweight model recognition is high, Dongfeng days Kam lightweight dump truck is used D530 cab of the new models, not only the vehicle weight lower than the existing Type of vehicle, and safety, comfort, a substantial increase in market success after the trial.

So, Dongfeng days Kam light weight dump truck which has significant characteristics?

The first is the light weight, light weight level of industry-leading

According to the experts responsible for the development of Dongfeng Tianjin lightweight dump truck, designers have extensively applied finite element analysis software to optimize the structure and reduce the dead weight. The vehicle chassis weighs 8.9 tons and the vehicle weighs 12.7 tons, 1 ton lighter than the industry average , The level of industry-leading lightweight.
Lightweight vehicle parts from the lightweight. As an engineering vehicle, Dongfeng days Kam lightweight dump truck frame using a new 700MPa high-strength beam steel, cross-section size of 280 × 80 × (8 +4), greatly reduced weight. 350L large aluminum fuel tank, long mileage, beautiful appearance, low weight. Using Dongfeng Dana for slowing bridge, carrying capacity, light weight. The use of high-strength plate standardized conversion, significantly reduced weight.
Followed by high reliability, vehicle stability, bearing the industry-leading.

Dongfeng company has 42 years of truck manufacturing experience, on this basis, fully absorb foreign advanced truck manufacturing technology, the introduction of advanced equipment, vehicle matching reasonable, exquisite manufacturing process.

Dongfeng Tianyuan lightweight dump truck equipped with frame width 860mm, the use of advanced stamping and cold riveting process, in reducing the weight under the premise of ensuring the full carrying capacity, the overall stability of the industry-leading. Front and rear wheel bolts to enhance the reliability of a substantial increase in muffler, fuel tank, gas cylinder on the move, raising the ground clearance to meet the needs of climbing coal pile. Increase the tank protection, to prevent damage to the tank engine operation.

Dongfeng days Kam lightweight self-unloading dump truck bearing strong, dynamic enough. Equipped with Yuchai 6A engine, powerful, stable performance, low noise. Dongfeng Dana 12T single-stage deceleration drive axle, the use of advanced stamping welding process, good reliability. Adopting Shaanxi gear 9-speed double-axle transmission, high reliability, there are two options of overdrive and direct stall to adapt to various working conditions, fuel economy is good.