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Analysis of Advantages of Synchronous Crushed Stone Sealer car

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-12-20

1, synchronous gravel seal car with full hydraulic drive mode, do not need to add any auxiliary power makes the operation more simple and convenient;
2, their own use of highly efficient heating oil boiler temperature, making the temperature greatly improved, breaking the traditional way of flue heating;
3, the equipment used within the lifting hopper in the amount of asphalt spraying and the amount of stone debris cloth;
4, the door completely electrical control, a high degree of automation, is an accurate calculation of the equipment in the construction process asphalt spray and the amount of stone debris scattered how much;
5, synchronous gravel seal car door control is used angle instrument to ensure the accuracy of cutting equipment;
6, reduce the construction of labor, intensity, saving manpower resources, reducing construction costs, improve work efficiency and quality of work;
7, the overall mechanical stability, sprinkle evenly, you can freely adjust the width of spreading asphalt spreading material;
8, a good insulation layer to ensure that the insulation performance index, and corrosion resistant and durable;
9, you can spray a variety of asphalt media, sprinkling cloth from the s3-s24mm stone;
10, the use of high-precision machining equipment, the nozzle, so that each nozzle spray consistency and spraying effect has been fully guaranteed.