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Aftermarket compression garbage truck

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-07-07

Dongfeng garbage truck picture
When you just buy the compressed garbage truck while driving a fault occurs while they do not know how to solve, it is recommended that you can go to directly contact the manufacturer and then wait for manufacturers to assign maintenance personnel for processing, which is not over the warranty period under the circumstances, as well as prior professional maintenance staff did not arrive, do not go to their own entry, in order to avoid because of their mechanical damage caused by improper disassembly, the following will give you a detailed introduction on the compression garbage truck sale problems, allowing you to questions about the sale of vehicles to have a detailed understanding.
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Matters here is to say under the warranty does not include chassis, because it is the direct responsibility of the chassis manufacturers, the manufacturers will only be treated specially targeted modifications to part of the vehicle warranty, vehicle warranty process if there is a problem, then within 24 hours to your resolve, to buy a vehicle within 10 days if there is any problem manufacturers will implement all-inclusive service, of course, does not include the destruction of human nature, which is the need to take care of themselves.

Vehicle in less than one year later, the number of kilometers run no more than three thousand kilometers, are within the scope of the warranty, but these two conditions is necessary before they can enjoy the warranty. When you meet the above two conditions of the vehicle are not non-human failure, can give you a satisfactory service, your peace of mind driving a vehicle.

Finally, there are also several places do not belong to the warranty, one does not follow the normal maintenance failure occurs. Second, there is no driver's license of an accident in the process of moving in with people, it will not be warranty. Third, when there is no mechanical damage and contact with the company disassemble, and there is no way to see the original factory.

Mentioned above it is about aftermarket compressed garbage trucks, but also allows you to more clearly like how to protect their own interests, but also for their own garbage truck which is a warranty to have a more accurate perception, if in confirmation appears yet fault during the warranty period, you do not own arbitrary conduct removal and installation, hoping mentioned above can be helpful to you.