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After sweeping the car sweeping, dust, garbage and leaves to be promptly cleared

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-11-26

Sweeper trucks are special vehicles for road surface cleaning; road sweeper trucks are usually applied to cleaning and cleaning the major roads and bridges in cities. With
sweeping trucks, the degree of mechanization has been greatly improved and the workload of frontline workers has been reduced.

Using road sweepers, the security risks of working time are reduced the work of the security risks.

I believe we all know that every fall is the most busy time of sanitation work, not only to maintain the normal sections of environmental health, but also clean up a lot of leaves, a road at least four or five a day to sweep back and forth. 

Autumn will be far, the winter will be temporary, strong winds lead to urban road on both sides of the street trees leaves increased, not only to the sanitation cleaning work is not a small pressure, but also seriously affected the city environment. Many sanitation departments to increase cleaning efforts, while buying sweepers, and now, in many areas
to increase the number of road sweeper cleaning, deal with a large number of leaves on the road, maintaining the city road environment to ensure good results fall leaf cleaning.

Use sweeping trucks, do not need too much manpower, a road sweeper can reach the work efficiency of 20 to 30 people, road sweepers can not only clean up garbage, but also on the road to the air medium dust purification, To ensure the appearance of the road, maintaining the health of the environment to maintain a good working condition of the road, a reduction and prevention of traffic accidents and further extend the life of the road.