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Aerial platforms not long-term parking

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-06-30

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Some Aerial drivers for a variety of reasons, will long aerial vehicles parked in the garage or outdoor parking lot, but the relevant automotive professionals express road, if you will not use aerial platforms its long-term parking, the vehicle will have a relatively great harm, it is generally not recommended aerial vehicles in the driver when the vehicle will not be used long-term parking, the vehicle failing failure rate will be high, and also following several failures:

First, the seal can cause the vehicle easier to aging, because aerial platforms suspended longer, resulting in around the seal in contact with uneven force until the seal permanent deformation occurs in the case, such a phenomenon is very easy the oil spill occurred.

Second, the long-term parking aerial vehicles will lead to oil oxidation corrosion parts, oil oxidative phenomena that will be very serious, when the vehicle is started again, the piston and the cylinder will form a semi-dry and dry friction situation friction, this will accelerate the wear and tear parts. And increase the resistance will be great extent, will eventually lead aerial vehicles difficult to start.

Third, the long-term parking aerial vehicles will lead to early retirement vehicle batteries, usually lead-acid aerial vehicles now used batteries, this battery is a feature which, if the vehicle is stopped once the traveling time will produce automatic discharge. So under normal conditions, the vehicle battery will be in every day and night in the self-discharge capacity can be made down to the 1/200 or more, then the battery is the most serious long-term self-discharge after the surface of the plate will produce a sulfide, a direct impact on the effect of recharging the battery, the battery can cause severe early retirement.

Aerial platforms truck

Fourth, the long-term parking aerial vehicles will result in vehicle tire deformation, when aerial vehicles stopped after traveling the whole weight of the vehicle is made up of four parts of the tire contact with the ground to bear the weight, then it will cause the contact part compressive shrinkage deformation. If the vehicle is suspended longer, then the location of the wheels touch ground deformation is less likely to respond, so that the weight distribution around the tire will produce changes in rolling radius uneven, resulting in a wheel with imbalance, once the vehicle during high-speed driving after that, then the body will occur buffeting, accelerated tire wear, to secure vehicle to bring a big security risk