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Aerial platform truck safety knowledge summary

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-07-01

Aerial platform truck manufacturer

Whether any of a construction site there are some safety tips signs to warn each worker in the work of security-heavy. If you see someone hanging in the high altitude above the wire service in the street, you light the way home, it should be for people to repair the master hard to say. Aerial often applies to municipal wires, lighting repair, maintenance of high-rise facades, billboards highway maintenance etc. Spider-Man range. Aerial truck chassis is coupled by the car's chassis lift thereof. Because the need is long-term use and high-altitude operations, so in terms of the vehicle chassis and other ordinary car chassis in the production process required strength is higher. To be able to guarantee the safety factor of the long-term needs of personnel in high-altitude operations, the operator is through a comprehensive safety training induction operation can be carried out, then the safety knowledge about aerial vehicles are the following:

1, is carrying high voltage or high-rise buildings, etc. working at height, it must be noted that the lift is needed to keep a safe distance, but to, in some situations may not need to close, it should make other staff members to observe the surrounding circumstances, carry out evacuation and maintain a normal conversation.

When 2, truck operators during the high-altitude operations, must be worn to wear the required safety clothing and related machinery, in order to ensure a good person up and down between the good communication situation, communication equipment and communication is gesture necessary. In addition, because the operation can not be the reason for the low height, do not wear safety clothing and machinery, general knowledge when they are making Spider-Man must know the basic safety awareness. Staff and personnel in high altitude below the operation must have a good ability to communicate with a communication device, a familiar gesture communication. Aerial work is a must to be careful with twelve spiritual work, when carrying out the work, each using a gesture exchange misunderstanding will cause inevitable losses.

3, on time, regular inspection and maintenance of aerial platforms hydraulic system, lift and brake system. Brake system is also a security aerial vehicles, and the vehicle is stopped using After that, even the brake system must be open, the hydraulic system also includes a hydraulic tank and various high-pressure tubing, carefully check the good hydraulic oil and haunt missing, according to position of the hydraulic tank oil level to be judged, check the pressure tubing there are aging, high pressure tubing is often storm drain on the outside, it is easy to aging, once the pipeline aging may occur a high-pressure pipeline burst, leading to the elevator suddenly decline, eventually causing the danger! Then each activity during the joint inspection of elevators link the situation is normal, if there is a loose, you must use the tool to immediately intensify.

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