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Aerial platform truck nine questions and answers

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-06-14

Aerial platform truck picture

First, Aerial whether special equipment?
A: I belong. Article 8 categories in Article 99 of the provisions of "Regulations on Safety Supervision of Special Equipment" (5) of the stated lifting machinery, lifting means for vertical or horizontal movement and vertical lifting heavy mechanical and electrical equipment, its scope defined as the rated capacity greater than or equal to 0.5t lift; the rated capacity greater than or equal to 1t, and the lifting height greater than or equal to 2m crane and fixed bearing in the form of electric hoist.
Second, high-altitude vehicles need to provide special equipment qualification card?
A: Most are manufactured with special equipment inspection report, after the Bureau of Technical Supervision detection qualified certification. In the filing, the annual mandatory inspection. Including operators also must be certified. Otherwise, after the accident should be investigated for legal liability related personnel.
Third, open aerial vehicles to appointment card?
A: Actually, truck chassis chassis is generally small cargo holds C1 driver's license can start the car. There is no national unity certified "work license." Aerial manufacturers generally give users to do the training, just bear in mind the steps, to learn the user's manual, there would be no problem.
Fourth, individuals to purchase aerial vehicles What are the procedures?
A: The need of a personal identity card (after the purchase of aerial vehicles, aerial vehicles provided by the manufacturer of the vehicle invoice item).
Individuals to purchase aerial vehicles manufacturers to provide information on the household:
1. Aerial chassis of a certificate (original);
2. Aerial Vehicle a certificate;
3. The motor vehicle invoice
V. Aerial applications have?
A: Aerial overhang can work across some obstacles or in an elevator can be multi-point job; platform carrying capacity, for two or more people can work simultaneously carrying certain equipment; mobile lifting platform good, easy transfer site; appearance, suitable for indoor and outdoor operation and storage. Suitable for stations, terminals, shopping malls, stadiums, residential property, factories and workshops, and other large-scale high-altitude operations.
Sixth, Aerial What salient features?
A: 1 new fully hydraulic self-propelled special chassis;.
2. load with good job stability;
3. Multi purpose working device;
4. The unique three-dimensional rotation lifts means;
Seven models aerial vehicles are exempt from it?
A: Yes exempted models. Manufacturers have provided an announcement exempt from all over the Vehicle Administration can also be found, it can be exempt from vehicle purchase tax.
Eight common faults Aerial What?
A: The slow motion legs, retractable failure, working arm does not rise (fall), the cylinder piston rod oil spills, and the bottom surface is not perpendicular to the work of fighting and other issues.
Nine, Aerial what classification?
A: Generally can be divided into four basic forms telescopic boom (arm type), folding arm (Crank), vertical lift and mixed and the like
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