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Aerial platform truck front washing motor malfunction

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-09-07

Aerial platform truck scrubber motor does not turn Fault Cause:
1. electrical fault. Fuse box power leads to the scrubber motor interrupted road, washer switch control leads to the scrubber motor intermittent road.
2. Motor Fault. Damage or electric wire brushes trip.
3. Control switch failure. Wire break, contact damage.
Troubleshooting Methods: The test light were detected two holes Windshield washer plugs, two holes if the pilot light is off, the fuse box power leads to the scrubber motor
intermittent road; if a Kong Liang a hole is not lit, motor fault, required maintenance; two-hole test lamps were lit, with a test light detector scrubber button switch Ground
wire. If the pilot lights, control switch malfunction, repair or replace; If the test light does not shine, then wash button leads to the scrubber motor intermittent road trip
should look at and fix.

Aerial platform truck washing button immediately blown fuse Failure Analysis:
1. electrical fault. Washing motor supply line and the control line short-circuit in the wiring harness.
2. The scrubber motor failure. Armature coil short circuit, do not turn the rotor stuck, motor lead short circuit.
Troubleshooting method: Remove the washer motor connector with a test light to detect harness washing motor two wire connector, if the two holes are bright, the circuit failure,
should overhaul; only a Kong Liang, the scrubber Motor Fault , maintenance should be carried.