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Aerial platform truck conditioning condenser assembly inspection

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-07-23

Dongfeng small 14 ~ 15m aerial platform truck for sale

Dongfeng small 14 ~ 15m aerial platform truck

Air conditioning condenser is an important raw material inside, outside air can be forced through here, the air temperature decreases rapidly achieve cooling effect, if your aerial platforms truck is not strong cooling effect is that it may cause. Check the air conditioning condenser assembly the following:

1. The condenser cooling blade leaks, blockage and damage.

2. The condenser assembly for leaks.

3. clogged condenser cooling blade must be washed with water, then dry with compressed air.

Blockage or leakage caused by the cooling effect is the main reason is not strong, so always pay attention to clean up.

Note: Be careful not to damage the condenser cooling blades. If the condenser cooling curved blades, screwdrivers or pliers available to its straightening. If you find fitting or pipe leaks should be repaired or replaced condenser.

Also on aerial platform truck condenser fan motor to be checked

Use a multimeter to check continuity between two air conditioning condenser fan motor terminals. If turned on, the next check; otherwise, should be replaced.

The battery is connected to the air conditioning condenser fan motor, and then check the condenser fan motor operates smoothly. If there is a fault, should be replaced with new parts.