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Aerial driving at night must pay attention to five points Matters

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-06-25

Dongfeng aerial platforms truck

Aerial is a common special vehicle, it is mainly used for high-altitude operations, like some tree trimming, street repairs must be used aerial platforms. Sometimes aerial vehicles will conduct aerial work at night, when aerial vehicles traveling on the road when you must pay attention to the following five points in mind:

1. night driving low brightness caused people's attention rather vague, and sometimes on the road to see is not very clear. Aerial at night driving speed must be reduced in order to observe the surrounding circumstances, there are things that can be processed in a timely manner. Not like the daytime drive fast, if excessive speed is very prone to accidents or deviate from the road centerline. Aerial U-turn or reversing at the time, should observe good conditions and safety line around the surrounding terrain, be aware of the car front and rear lights are turned on before proceeding to reverse or turn around.

2. driving on street lamps on the road, the best opening to prevent vertigo width light beam lights or head lights, which can prevent drivers from seeing things. Aerial intersection with the cross, and when there are 100-500 meters away from the intersection distance drivers should slow down immediately. And the high beam into beam lights, turn on the turn signal lights other traffic.

3. aerial vehicles traveling at night, when no access to the speaker under normal circumstances, most of them are near-light and high beam to alert the other car. Driving at night because of failures and other emergency temporary parking situation, one should immediately open the warning lights and wide light show.

4. aerial vehicles traveling at night, if necessary, must observe the work under the instrument is normal. Driving at night and listen to mostly watch and listen to the vehicle chassis has no abnormal sound, and without abnormal odor. Driving speed not too fast to moderate speed, pay attention to the distance between the car and the vehicle, ready to stop, so as not to prevent the car collision accident occurred.

5. If you want to conduct aerial vehicles in city driving, then you need to be aware of pedestrians crossing the road from. Vehicles traveling at night, and when the vehicle speed at thirty kilometers per hour, should be to use low beam lights, lights can illuminate than 30M, when the driving speed of thirty kilometers per hour or more, it should to use the high beam, the light needs to illuminate the outside of the 100M.

Summary: night sightline not so good during the day, in driving the process, we must pay more careful attention, more attention to the situation observed on the road, reduce speed