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Advantages bulk feed truck introduced

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-07-12

In poultry, the feed is a lot of money, about 60% to 70% of total costs. In the current feed prices, how to reduce feed waste, save feed costs, reduce feed costs, improve economic efficiency, it is the focus of concern to the owners. It appears bulk feed truck is the majority of farming friends Fuxing. Then the bulk feed truck feed truck and ships What advantage?

First, can effectively prevent feed contamination.
Bulk feed truck during handling and transportation process full use of sealed equipment to prevent feed with the outside world, and the current through the ordinary trucking or transport bag can not be achieved.

Second, saving a lot of time and labor.
Today's society, time is money, bulk feed truck loading and unloading speed manual has unparalleled advantages, saving a lot of labor, and all of a mechanized operations, without manual handling, with just a driver can.

Third, to prevent feed waste during transport.
Bulk feed truck tank with Wuhan Iron and Steel plate production volume special, one-time welding molding, sealing strong, through the inflatable tank testing to ensure seamless, so feed during transport is not wasted. While ordinary bagged feed during transport will inevitably be wasted due to multiple turnover phenomenon.

Fourth, the environmental pollution.
Bulk feed truck tank used in all seal design, which during transport of air pollution.