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Adjustment of fire truck fuel injection pump

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-07-13

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Yesterday, as we shared a fire truck engine fuel injection means injection timing adjustment, we introduce the joint adjustment methods other components, Closer to home, do the following:

Fuel pump debug: Debugging injection pump injection pump test bench in general. The tests include testing and adjustment of injection timing, injection quantity and fuel injection quantity and speed of unevenness. The following describes the manual tuning methods:

1. spill law to check the fuel pump fire truck engine fueling moment:

A Remove the hose connector, remove the oil valve; replace the hose connector.

b. Remove the coupling, slowly turn the pump camshaft flange plate, let the oil pump, the oil flow to observe the changes in pipe joint, when the joint stops spill out when the oil started for the cylinder moment.

c. Check this case the fuel pump supply timing mark is aligned, if not the alignment should be adjusted. After inspection the same way each time the oil cylinder, such as fuel supply time of each cylinder are advanced or retarded, adjusted by the coupling; as each cylinder fuel supply time late, early mixed, then make adjustments by cylinder . Early oil will shorten the working height wheel drive member (by adjusting screws or pad), whereas its height will be increased.

2. The amount of oil and the unevenness of the inspection:

a. Each cylinder injector head detached from the fire turned out, each in a cup placed beneath the injector.

b. Push the lever to the largest oil supply position.

c. to 150 ~ 200r / min speed of rotation of the crankshaft a certain number of laps, the oil injected into the measuring cup, measuring cup view of oil and unevenness of each cup is consistent with the provisions of the injection pump.

Usually carried out three inspections, such as uneven over provisions should be adjusted. Adjustment method is: change the oil supply adjusting fork rod fixed position or change the position of engagement with the ring gear oil gear lever to vary the effective stroke of the plunger to change the amount of oil to ensure that the average amount of fuel injection is so smooth with fire one of the conditions provided smooth.