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A small truck crane to remind you of the car steering system should pay attention to matters

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-12-22

Now many owners have to upgrade their regular car care awareness, but the steering wheel every day will encounter the parts, the owner will carelessly think that it does not require regular maintenance, good or bad day they do not feel it? Through its unusual performance can also discern the car all the "latent symptoms." Carefully observe and feel the steering wheel, you can advance the car some minor problems, in time to do security precautions. (truck crane)

Symptoms: steering effort
Car just started, there turned to effort, the steering wheel does not seem to turn, and driving for some time, the problem has automatically disappeared. The reason why this is because the steering wheel when there is a boost, the help at the beginning with less flexible, which makes the vehicle such a problem: the first to play the steering wheel when the next particularly heavy, later call to all right. The main problem often occurs in the direction of the machine has a valve, the driver when the steering wheel to open the valve, so that the normal flow of oil. When the valve is open, such as the operation is not good, stuck, people feel the steering wheel is very heavy, when the valve is open after the natural return to normal. Generally encountered this phenomenon is rare, once met, if the steering wheel to restore the normal two can continue to use, but if there is always such a problem, we must go to test maintenance.

Symptom 2: Biased to one side
On the vehicle deviation is a very common phenomenon, it is easy to repair easy, fighting gas, for tires can be resolved; that difficulty is difficult, four-wheel positioning, body correction are not resolved. For the deviation of the standard, it can be judged, try to find a section of the road to the speed of 50 km to 60 km speed uniform speed to see the direction of the car running is a loose start on the deviation, or to maintain a period of time to run , If the former is generally the problem of the tire; if the latter is generally the chassis and suspension problems. In the case of air pressure and tread the same situation, if the front after the transposition, but also to the same direction deviation, that is the positioning of the problem; the contrary, it is the problem of tires. What is more, the positioning data is normal, you need to repeatedly switch tires, and some also need to turn the tires can be resolved.

Symptoms 3: refused to look back
Some owners of the car with power steering, playing a dead direction to return to positive time, suddenly the steering wheel seems to have stuck back, however, hard for a return, I heard the steering wheel "carbazole" is heard, and never again Will automatically return to the 90-degree turn to turn their own "manual" back. This fault needs to check whether the drive system has jamming or loose, such as steering column assembly and other issues. If it is a serious deformation of the elevation angle, take four wheel positioning can be seen. Long term, will cause suspension system other problems, may lead to other parts associated deformation, so it is better to replace as soon as possible.

Symptom four: microseismic abnormal sound(truck crane for sale)
Sometimes the low speed (30 km to 40 km / h) downhill, bumpy road surface, the left front of the abnormal sound, the steering wheel has a slight sense of vibration, uneven road to the left or right direction is more obvious, and a "Kaka "sound. This requires maintenance of the body from the top of the body to carry out detailed inspection, and tighten the parts afterburner, where lubrication in the need lubrication.