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2016 Notice the new requirements: bulk cement tank truck key technical requirements

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-10-18

Bulk cement tank truck key technical requirements: Bulk cement tank truck is mainly used to transport cement, the model used by the cone and cylinder multi-body combination, both sides of the header formed by the tank, the vehicle using high-quality steel to meet the requirements;
1, the structure is advanced and reasonable, the use of domestic leading technology within the cone vertical discharge structure, bulk cement can be self-sliding, no dead ends, with a good fluidization effect.Most of the bulk cement truck fluidized bed structure, Dead angle and more fluidization effect is poor.The residual rate is high. Cylindrical use of cylindrical automatic welding, weld forming, high strength;
2, bulk cement from the roof of the feed hole into the tank body, the use of pneumatic discharge method, before, during and after the three cone can be operated separately;
3, the feed inlet with three-point spin-type advanced material lid, opening and closing simple and convenient, and with insurance agencies can achieve safe operation.
4, air compressor with hoisting structure, with a large displacement, vibration, low noise, and other advantages;
5, discharge speed, more than 1.3 tons per minute discharge, at the leading domestic level; discharge completely, the residual rate is almost zero, the test proved that the remaining rate of less than 0.1%, far less than the national standard and similar products Average.
6, the tank volume of 7 cubic to 40 cubic meters.

Bulk cement truck manual:
1, the ash when the air compressor working pressure of 1.5MPa.
2, do not quickly start or stop the air compressor, but should slow the growth rate or slow down, otherwise, the punching force will damage the air compressor.
3, do not change the direction of rotation of the air compressor, otherwise, the oil pump will not seriously damage the machine.
4, do not stop the air compressor before decompression.
5, before starting to check the oil standard. Oil level shall not be lower than the lower limit of the oil mark; need to always check whether the oil pump, if not for oil, should immediately stop the inspection, otherwise, lack of oil will seriously damage the air compressor.
6, to regularly replace the oil. 30 hours after the new machine, the crankcase out of the oil, clean the crankcase and oil filter inside the oil network, and then oil change. After a year as the oil change once.
7, to check, clean oil filter network. Normal quarterly inspection, cleaning time, if the machine is high, should be a month to check, clean once.
8, the machine uses 4105 diesel engine oil. Prohibit the use of different brands of lubricants, or deterioration of lubricating oil will affect the lubrication effect.
9, each working 30 hours to maintain, clean air filter. Rotating filter at the same time, with the pressure of less than 0.6MPa of compressed air from the inside out.

Bulk cement tank truck, bulk cement truck, alias cement tanker, powder material vehicles. A closed cargo compartment and automatic unloading device for the transport of bulk cement cars. Mainly for cement plants, cement warehouses and large construction sites, can save a lot of packaging materials and loading and unloading labor.